Benvenuti in Paradiso!


Cinque Terre, or Italian words for 5 lands, consists of five beautiful seaside villages in the western part of Italy. The fabulous five villages are Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso. These villages are famous for its breathtaking view and colorful buildings. Not to mention, you must definitely try some restaurants (trattoria) there, because they sell the delicious and fresh seafood that you won’t miss.

So, how do I get there?

The location of Cinque Terre is a little bit isolated because there is no airport in there. The nearest airport is in Pisa, then the easiest way to travel to Cinque Terre is by train. From Pisa, you can take a train to La Spezia Centrale for 45 minutes, then you can continue to the five villages. The five villages are well connected by train, the journey from Riomaggiore to Monterosso is approximately 15-20 minutes. You can buy a Cinque Terre card for 16 euro to get a one day pass of train and bus so you can explore all villages easily.

Info : buy your train ticket in advance here and information about Cinque Terre card is in here

Where do I stay?

You can choose to stay in 1 village of Cinque Terre or in La Spezia however, it’s not recommended to do 1-day trip because you need some time to explore and enjoy the beauty of the areas. In my experience, I stayed in Manarola which I think is the most beautiful village. There are many hotels in Cinque Terre, most of them are, yes, expensive, so you can choose based on your budget. As for me, I found a good room in Airbnb for 65 pounds a night.

Info : use this link for airbnb’s first timer to claim 20 pounds credit 🙂

The five villages, from the closest to La Spezia



My second most favorite village in Cinque Terre. This village has everything you need, the instagrammable buildings across the beach and the bustling main street. My suggestion, try fritto misto or mixed of fried seafood for only 6-10 euro! Their shrimp and calamari are incredibly fresh.




Definitely my favorite village. Manarola is famous with this phenomenal view, the one you often see as a representative of Cinque Terre. The colourful waterfront promenade is amazing, especially during the sunset when the sky blasts into pink. There are also many good restaurants in Manarola, you can eat dinner in Trattoria Dal Billy. The restaurant has a very beautiful sea view and welcoming staffs, Billy often serves the guests himself. You don’t need to book the place, but if you want to enjoy outside dining, you must book it at least  a day before. My favorite menu is grilled king prawn.

IMG_0869 For a light lunch, you can eat bruschetta in Nessun Dorma.




This village is located in 100-m rocky hill with no direct access to the beach. You can climb up there while enjoying the scenery, but you can be as lazy as me by taking a free bus if you purchase Cinque Terre card. There is a hidden beach in Corniglia, which you can enjoy as your private beach.



It’s a small harbour with a perfect combination of colourful houses and boats. I did not spend too many times here, just took a quick snap of the seaside. However, there is a small market in Vernazza with various local foods, gelatos, and souvenirs, definitely worth to explore.



The closest village to the beach. Monterosso is very crowded with people playing and sunbathing. I love how the beach and the cliff are perfectly situated. Oh yes, it is so fantastic.

Other tips, bring your sunscreen and mosquitos spray if you travel at summer. I don’t recommend you to travel in the winter, cause it will be too cold. Overall, if you urge for a stress-free vacation to one of the most beautiful places on earth, pack your bag and enjoy Cinque Terre. It’s indeed a paradise on earth with its amazing seaside view and delicious Italian seafood.

Hello Morocco!

Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.

Traveling is indeed a great opportunity to experience something new; meeting new people, making new friends, learning new culture, and enjoying new scenery. This year, I decided to start the new year by visiting my third continent on Earth, Africa. Here are some highlights from my trip in the last January.



This is the most famous city for visitors in Morocco. Even though Marrakesh is not the capital city (Rabat is the capital city of Morocco), I felt the ambiance of the diverse culture. This city is full of the iconic things of Moroccans, such as brick-orange buildings, mosque vaults, flower-pattern ceramic with various colors, people wearing a long coat, and horse carriages. Yes, Marrakesh with its crowd is indeed the center of attention for many tourists. The point of attraction in this city is called as the Square or The Jemaa el-Fnaa. This place is basically a fascinating marketplace, where you can find many food stalls or nice restaurants selling African traditional foods and fresh orange juice; local people who play along with snakes, perform folk music, create a henna, and so on.

I spent a night enjoying the beautiful scenery and eating Tajine in one of the rooftop restaurants.


Do’s       :

  • Come to the Jemaa el-Fna at night and enjoy the scenery from one of rooftop restaurants. Try some local foods too (tajine and fresh mint tea)
  • Bring cash (dirham), since it’s traditional market so you cannot use your card

Don’ts :

  • Some people may recommend you to eat inside the market stalls, but I wasn’t convenient to eat in the market stall due to the hygiene matters.
  • Don’t take pictures with snakes, monkeys, or people, since they will ask for money
  • Be careful with pickpocket, this place is very crowded at night
  • I don’t buy anything here, but people says that you need to bargain for cheaper price

Other attractions in Marrakesh are still in the walking distance from the Square. Not far from the Square, I took a picture in Koutubia Mosque. Unfortunately, I did not take a pray here, but I heard the Azan from here. (Finally! After few months in the UK, I never hearing azan from a mosque, haha).

Dar Si Said Museum and Ben Youssef Madrasa

Some articles might say that these two places have a great interior and exotic wall patterns, which I definitely agree. However, these two places are located in small-street, so it was a little bit difficult to find especially when you had no wifi. Relying on a map from the hostel, my boyfriend and I were finally able to find these places. In the museum, you can find a history of Morocco, including the history about the guy whose face is everywhere! (the King, ofc)


This city has a lovely beach! Personally, I love this city more than Marrakesh. I enjoyed walking around the beach and the market there.


Do’s         :

  • Try local seafood (fish tajine and fried fish are great, but do not eat in the restaurant near the beach, it is overpriced – I ate in the restaurant, and I regretted it)
  • Walked around the city. I feel like the market is not as crowded as the Square, so you can walk conveniently.
  • Eat gelato with various flavors and enjoy the sun!


Don’ts   :

  • Eat in the overpriced restaurant
  • Take a picture of local people (sometimes they can get angry if you accidentally take a picture of them)

Sahara Trip

Before coming to Marrakesh, I booked a tour to Sahara Dessert. It was 3 days and 2 nights tour, including one night staying in the dessert. If you are an adventure seeker, I highly recommend you to go ahead and book the tour. It was an incredible experience for me. There are many tour providers in Marrakesh, so you can compare the price in advance. Some tours even give a promo for a cheaper price.

During the journey to Sahara, I encountered many beautiful views of the rocky mountains (Gorges Dandes, or whatsoever I forgot). I also visited Ait Ben Haddou, this place is famous a shooting location of numerous movies, such as Game of Thrones, Asterix & Obelix, and so on. This place had an amazing view from the top.


When finally I reached Merzouga, I took 2 hours trip by a camel to the tent. Staying with nomad people in a tent, eating local foods, and singing along with everyone until late night were unforgettable for me. Plus, I got to enjoy the clear sky with million stars. The best night ever!


Do’s        :

  • Book the trip in advance
  • Depends on the season of your visit, bring the suitable clothes because it is very cold at night in the dessert
  • Wear comfortable shoes, because the sand will get into your shoes (and ruin your socks as well)
  • Leave your bag in the minibus and bring small backpack for your essentials in the dessert (basically, you only need toothbrush & toothpaste, I think)
  • Look at the sky! It is incredibly amazing!

My recommendations

  1. Dream Kasbah – I stayed here during my time in Marrakesh, this hostel is clean and near to the Square (10 mins walk). They also provided me a nice breakfast. I had a great time there.
  2. Imzi Tour  – I booked the tour through their website, but then I communicated via email The tour provided a driver to pick me up from the airport, ride me to the hotel, pick me up before the tour session, etc. My tour guide, Rasyid, is a very nice person and speaks English very well.
  3. Bring maps everywhere since wifi is a luxury in the public place. Thank God my boyf can read maps, because I can’t.
  4. Frech speaking ability is such a blessing. Few people know English there, most of them are speaking Arabic and French. I survived by knowing some words in French.
  5. Don’t ask the direction to random people (man or children), because he may ask you for money. My hostel guide told me to ask the officials or women.
  6. Luckily, Indonesian doesn’t a visa to visit Morocco, so just book your ticket and go to see Africa!

Thank you, 2015

Alhamdullilah. Pray not only when you are in the lowest point of your life, but pray during your good times too. Thus, I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to my Lord, Allah SWT, who let me experience such wonderful experiences during last year.

To sum up my 2015, I would love to say that “a lot can happen in a year”

By a lot, I seriously mean that I have been through many moments in the past 12 months, some ups, some battles too. I started 2015 with a strong motivation to continue my study in Master level. Thus I regained my efforts to apply in several universities abroad and scholarships at the same time. I still remember in the beginning of January, I began to work on study stuffs, such as creating motivation letter, contacting my past lectures for recommendation letter, exceling my IELTS skills, attending various education events (EHEF, UK Education fair, MBA fair, etc), and translating my bachelor certificates. I was soooo on fire, never felt that way again after 2 working years. When you want something so bad, go get it!

Life is not an easy road

One of my favorite line is “Life is hard, it will punch you right on your face, but you gotta stand up again and fight back”. I also failed in several attempts on my study applications and worst, scholarship progress. I almost lost my hope, since I couldn’t afford to pay my own education so I was need the scholarship soo much. Luckily, I got an LPDP scholarship afterwards. Being back to the right way, I was also got my place in some universities in the UK. One step closer to my childhood dream 🙂

In June, my study abroad goal was finally achieved. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude to get an opportunity to continue my master in the UK with government scholarship (LPDP). No word can describes how grateful I am. I got my second scholarship!

Say hello to Edinburgh


Saying goodbye was not easy, leaving your comfort zone was also not easy at all. I used to have a great job (I don’t really know what I mean by great here haha), but yes I have a job from 7 to 4, flex time. I have an enough payout. I have many heartwarming colleagues. I have a good ladder in my career. Yet I decided to move on, challenged myself, and did something that I believe is the best for my future. Say good bye (for a while or no?) to Chevron. Say good bye to my family, friends, and Indonesia.

In September, I arrived in Edinburgh. It is far away from home, different contingent, 6-7 hours time difference. Coming to a strange place never been easy, I needed to get into a new neighborhood, new weather, new foods, and new friends from all around the world. I ended up falling in love with every corner of this old and beautiful city. Sitting in the class with various background of classmates was also totally new experience for me. Being in a place in international exposure, which means talking English all day long, was also great for my personal development. Even though I also dealt with many assignments, readings, and exams, I really felt that this would eventually bring a positive value added on my life, as a person who always eager to try something new.

Overall, life was becoming too good to be true

I also finally reached out London for the very first time! Yuhu! I crossed one of top bucket lists. Travelling across UK, Europe, and Africa with my boyfriend during our study time was being an escaping plan for us. Study hard, travel even harder 😉


2015 was indeed a memorable year for me to finally meet him, the opposite sex version of myselfHope everything’s going well between us, forever.

When you out there accidentally read my half-diary post, please be remember that life is not always going on your side, but you gotta keep going.. there always comes sun after the rain. 🙂


It was so awkward coming to Manchester since I was almost living in this city. Yes, before deciding to continue my master in Edinburgh, I applied for Manchester Business School. Haha. Last October, I visited this city for watching football match! I bet all Manchester United fans will be very very envy of me, hehe. I was never watching a complete 90 minutes of football match before, yet now I wanted to watch derby Manchester live in Old Trafford. I was so honored.

Taking a train from Edinburgh, I spent about 3 hours and half to go to the city of football. I came one day before match day so I still had one free day to join a stadium trip.

Old Trafford Stadium Trip


To take a part in stadium trip, you can buy online ticket in MU’s website. They have a special price for student too 😉 Overall, I enjoyed the tour so much. It was my first time getting into inside the real stadium and Old Trafford the second biggest stadium in the UK! There was a tour guide who gave a lot of details about the stadium. We even came inside to the player’s room.



My boyfried was sooo lucky to get some pictures with MU players. (fyi, I was the photographer haha)

Derby Manchester

As a person who knows nothing about football, I really loved this new experience of watching live football match. I love the atmosphere of MU fans who sang along during the match. I love watching fans’ response when the players almost score a goal. Even though, there was no goal in that game, but I still enjoyed every moments there. Fyi, you must be a MU member if you want to get the match tickets.


Great day, Manchester!


Some of you might not be familiar with Edinburgh. Indonesian tend to only familiar with London, Manchester when they talk about United Kingdom, some people also associate United Kingdom as (only) England because in Indonesian language, both United Kingdom and England are known as “Inggris”. In fact, United Kingdom is not only England, it actually consists of England (with London as its capital city), Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.

Edinburgh, is the capital city of Scotland. At first, I never expected that I will call this city as my second home, but now I am. Edinburgh is one of the most fascinating cities in the world, where you can see Georgian buildings everywhere, Scottish culture blends with international people, and breath taking view of various landscapes. It’s the home of ancient architecture yet also equipped with lots of modernity. It’s popular for tourist destination yet very homey for studying. Therefore I never regret that I chose to come to Edinburgh in about 2.5 months ago, continuing my Master degree in University of Edinburgh Business School.

So, here I tell you why you should consider Edinburgh as your study place or holiday destination

High Quality of Education

If you want to study abroad, Edinburgh offers you a world class university in a world class city. It was a line from University of Edinburgh’s advertisement, which I found can representing the reason why I am here now. Edinburgh has some reputable universities, such as University of Edinburgh and Heriot Watt University. So you don’t have to worry about the quality of the education. You may check Russel Group, Times Higher Education Rangking, QS world ranking, or so on, Edinburgh universities are indeed qualified as the best in the world. 

Lower Living Allowance

Nothing is cheap in UK. Everything here is so expensive, compared to Indonesia, ofc. For a month, I usually spend around 150-200 pounds for living here, it already includes monthly groceries, clothes shopping, and some fun activities. My accommodation is approximately 125 pounds per week (or 500 pounds per month include bills, gas, and electricity). In London, you must spend around 700 pounds or more for your monthly accommodation. Regarding transport, it’s very comfortable to walk everywhere, but you can also take a Lothian bus (1.5 pounds/trip) or tram.

Ps: buy groceries in Lidl and clothes in Primark. Those two shops are the cheapest one.

Edinburgh is not a vibrant cosmopolitan city, most of the shopping mall is closed at 6pm. If you wanna experiences some urban night life, go to Glasgow, which is one hour from here.

Amazing landscapes 

Edinburgh is, no doubt, ranking as one of the most comfortable city to live in. It has a beautiful landscapes, once again, I am not exaggerating, but it is indeed very beautiful. I had traveled in other cities in UK, yet so far, Edinburgh is completely beyond words.


IMG_4744 IMG_6717 IMG_7023 IMG_7049 IMG_7773 IMG_7077IMG_4690IMG_7509

This city looks so beautiful, isn’t it? 🙂

London’s Calling

Do you still remember your simple and crazy dream when you was a child?

My dream was “Going to Hogwarts!” and I made it 🙂

IMG_5515Photo above was taken during my short trip to London several weeks ago.

At the beginning of this year, I intended to pursue a Master degree abroad, and my choice was studying in the UK. Short of story, here I am now, in the cold yet insanely beautiful Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. Before my course began, I traveled to London for 4 days, just to relax a bit and, of course, see the landmarks of England through my own eyes. Taking bus from Edinburgh – London for 8 hours wasn’t made me lose my excitement. Yet I became so excited cause finally, yes finally baby, I can experienced London! Whatever you have in mind, yes you can make it real.

In the next day, I traveled around London by tube (Overground) to travel around London. Fyi, you can buy an oyster card for 5 pounds, then top it up with several pounds depend on your destination. Oyster card can be used to pay Overground, Underground, and Bus. I think transportation system in London is quite good, you can read a map about route, and you will be just fine. Unless you are like me, who is barely able to read maps, then you need to ask someone.

Westminster Area

Since I wanted to see London Eye, Big Ben, River Thames, and many other mainstream places in London, I went to Westminster Area. Thank God, it was very sunny. The weather was good and I can just strolled around London without worrying about too cold or rain. Around Westminster, I walked a lil bit to Trafalgar Square which is a very beautiful (but crowded garden) in front of National Potrait Gallery.






Trafalgar Square


in front of Buckingham Palace


Forth Bridge

Football Lovers

I went to London with my boyf, who is actually a big fans of Manchester United and also a kinda football freak (haha). So I also visited two football stadiums in London, Emirates of Arsenal and Stamford Bridge of Chelsea. Anw, I just knew that Emirates Stadium is way much bigger and better than St.Bridge (ops, sorry, Chelsea fans ;))



 Hello Sherlock!

Moving a bit to Baker Street. I came into Sherlock Holmes Museum in 212 B Baker Street. It wasn’t hard to recognize which one the museum is, I took a tube to Baker Street stop and walked out from the station, just few minutes from it, I can clearly saw this.


We need to pay around 15 pounds to come into the museum and take some pictures of Sherlock’s home. Since I wasn’t that Sherlock fans (I love Benedict! haha), so I decided not to coming in, only taking few photos in front of the museum.

And finally… Harry Potter Museum

I still remembered few months ago, I talked to a friend who has the similar level of Harry potter geekness with me. We made a promise to go to Harry Potter museum together once we arrived in UK. That friend, who is actually my boyfriend, accompanied me during my trip to London. So happy that we finally made our dreams come true. Harry Potter museum is actually our main reason to visit London as soon as possible. Haha.

Compared to other tourist attractions in London that we visited, it’s so hard to located Harry Potter museum. I think it’s located out of London or somewhere, because you have to take a train. The ticket price is also expensive, it costed me about 33 pounds for each person. Plus, I needed to buy the ticket online on one day before, cause the tickets were sold out fast.

However, it’s all worth the adventure to Hogwarts! (Muggle will never know why this place is very very cool, but as a wizard like me, I urge you to visit this place :p)

All the sets and properties inside Harry Potter Museum were really being used in the films!



I really really enjoy my trip to London. Fulfilling my childhood’s dreams with happiness in my stomach. See you another day, London!

FAQ : Tentang Beasiswa LPDP

Saya ingat pertama kali saya termotivasi untuk belajar di luar negeri adalah ketika saya masih duduk di awal bangku SD. Seorang anak kecil berusia 5 (atau 6 tahun) yang saat itu sedang makan es krim dan tidak sengaja mendengarkan eyang kakungnya berbicara bahasa asing (Belanda). Entah kenapa, saya jadi ingin sekolah di tempat itu, Belanda. Eyang kakung saya cuma bilang kalau saya mau sekolah di luar negeri, harus jago bahasa asing. Tujuh belas tahun kemudian, mimpi saya baru kesampaian, walau bukan di Belanda tapi di Edinburgh (Scotland, UK), walau saya cuma bisa Bahasa Inggris bukan bisa Bahasa Belanda dan Jepang seperti eyang, tapi intinya alhamdulillah, kesampaian 🙂

Your dream doesn’t work, unless you do.

As a girl who has no privilege to study abroad using their parents’ money, I need to get a scholarship to finance my study, and yes, I got it from LPDP. My post about LPDP is posted here. During my scholarship-hunter period, I attended many student exhibitions; consulted with a lot of people about my degrees, field study, essays; asked many people about how to get in the best uni and how to get a scholarship; and so on. I am so grateful to meet a lot of wonderful people along my journey, who have never been tired to answer my-never-ending questions. In regards to that, I write this post for you, all the scholarship hunters.

One word : Never give up.

  • Beasiswa LPDP itu apa?

Beasiswa LPDP itu intinya dana pendidikan yang diberikan oleh LPDP untuk WNI yang mau melanjutkan kuliah S2, S3 di dalam dan luar negeri, beasiswa untuk dokter yang mau mengambil spesialis, dan ada juga beasiswa untuk riset/disertasi/dll. Cek website LPDP ya.

  • Apakah semua berkas administrasi yang diupload di website LPDP harus ada dokumen aslinya?

Iya, karena LPDP akan meminta kita membawa semua dokumen asli (Ijazah, transkrip, IELTS/TOEFL, surat keterangan) saat proses cek berkas administrasi sebelum seleksi LGD dan wawancara

  • Apakah nilai IELTS dan TOEFL nya harus bagus?

LPDP punya syarat nilai IELTS dan TOEFL yang berbeda untuk master/Phd di dalam dan di luar negeri (bisa baca di website). Saat itu, saya mengambil IELTS dan biasanya kalau IELTS nya sudah pass untuk masuk universitas, berarti sudah pass juga di syarat LPDP. Fyi, syarat score IELTS di UK biasanya lebih tinggi dibanding eropa (UK biasanya min overall band 7, beberapa uni ada yang mensyaratkan speaking dan writing min score 7).

Kalau kamu mau kuliah di Eropa, saya sarankan mengambil IELTS (bukan TOEFL), kalau mau kuliah di US, ambil TOEFL IBT. Beberapa kampus, mau terima IELTS dan TOEFL, jadi cek persyaratan kampusmu ya.

  • Apa wajib punya LoA Unconditional / Conditional?

LoA itu Letter of Acceptance yang menandakan bahwa kamu sudah diterima di Universitas (Luar Negeri). LPDP tidak mewajibkan LoA, tapi kamu harus tau mau kuliah di kampus apa. Apabila kamu lolos beasiswa, LPDP akan memberi waktu maksimal 1 tahun untuk mendapatkan LoA.

Pada kenyataannya, banyak juga teman saya yang sudah mendapat LoA saat mendaftar LPDP. Saya juga sudah mendapat LoA saat mendaftar LPDP. Apa ada keunggulannya? Keunggulan mental mungkin ya, sudah agak tenang aja karena sudah dapet LoA.

  • Esai LPDP yang baik itu seperti apa?

Ada banyak contoh esai LPDP yang bisa kamu google, tapi menurut saya, coba kamu jawab dulu esai itu sebelum melihat contoh-contoh esai lainnya. Try to make your own version. Oya ada batasan dalam penulisan esai, kamu gak akan bisa mengupload esai yang terlalu panjang.

  • Kontribusi untuk Indonesia itu bagaimana? Harus jadi dosen? Harus jadi PNS?

Ini pertanyaan paling sering saya terima. Fyi, background saya adalah akuntan di perusahan migas multinasional, Chevron. Banyak orang yang bertanya, apa LPDP mau memberi beasiswa ke orang-orang yang bukan dosen dan bukan PNS. Jawabannya adalah : banyak teman saya, pegawai swasta juga, yang mendapat beasiswa LPDP.

Bicara kontribusi adalah tentang pemberian nilai tambah. Jadi apapun peran atau karir yang kamu pilih, asalkan kamu mau memberikan nilai tambah positif untuk Indonesia, I think you will be fine. Indonesia maju bukan ketika semua orang memilih jadi dosen. Indonesia maju ketika semua lini di masyarakat mau memberikan yang terbaik di bidangnya masing-masing demi kepentingan rakyat.

  • Surat ijin belajar dari atasan itu wajib atau tidak?

Wajib untuk PNS. Tidak wajib untuk pegawai swasta, apalagi kalau kamu berencana resign.

  • Form LPDP itu harus diisi semua?

Banyak teman-teman yang bilang form LPDP itu terlalu panjang dll dsb. Saya cuma senyum dan tertawa tipis, “Iya emang banyak, isi aja lengkap semuanya”. Mungkin mereka itu belum pernah isi form beasiwa lain (Chevening misalnya) yang isiannya lebih panjang, bahasa Inggris semua lagi haha. Isi form buat daftar Uni atau daftar Visa UK juga lebih panjang loh btw. hehe. Anyway, kalau kamu memang niat untuk sekolah lagi, niat itu pasti melebihi rasa males untuk melengkapi berkas-berkas administrasi. 🙂

  • LGD susah gak? Topiknya apa aja?

LGD (Leaderless Group Discussion) adalah sesi diskusi dengan calon penerima beasiswa lain tentang topik yang sedang hangat di masyarakat. LGD berlangsung dalam bahasa Indonesia, dan sebelum dimulai kamu akan diberi sebuah artikel. Kemampuan yang dinilai adalah bagaimana kamu menganalisa suatu kasus; bagaimana kamu menyampaikan pendapat dan menghargai pendapat orang lain.

  • Wawancaranya serem gak? Pake bahasa apa?

Ini wawancara, bukan film horor. Deg-degan sih iya, but be prepared with your answer, then you will be just fine. Be prepared with your extra ordinary effort, then you will nail it. I don’t believe in luck, I truly believe that as long as you do your absolute best, God will do the rest. 

Tentang bahasa, ada pewawancara yang langsung hajar pakai bahasa Inggris atau Indonesia terus dari awal, ada juga yang menawarkan. Kalau kamu mau kuliah di luar negeri, saran saya, try to make an English interview. Bukan buat pamer nilai IELTS kok, bukan.. Cuma supaya lebih meyakinkan aja. Anw, interviewernya semua orang Indo kok, jadi kalau bahasa Inggris tiba-tiba mampet, pake bahasa Indo dikit gak masalah.

  • Pas wawancara ditanya tentang kampus yang dipilih gak?

Sepertinya topik tentang kampus yang dipilih adalah bahasan wajib saat interview. Jadi siapkan data-data kenapa kamu tertarik kuliah di kampus tsb. LPDP punya list kampus yang bisa mereka biayai, coba buka listnya. List tersebut tidak mengikat, jadi kalau kamu mau kuliah di kampus yang tidak terdaftar di list LPDP, selama kampusnya memang bagus, dan kamu bisa membuktikan kalau kampus itu bagus (surat dari Atdikbud dan Kedutaan tentang akreditasi kampus), LPDP biasanya mau membiayai kuliah kamu.

  • Pas wawancara ditanya harus balik ke Indonesia gak?

Ditanya 🙂 dan salah satu syarat LPDP adalah harus kembali “pulang” setelah urusan studi di luar negerinya selesai. Sebuah post yang menarik tentang Pulang bisa dibaca di sini

  • Boleh pindah kampus ga?

Case yang paling sering adalah kamu sudah mendaftar kampus A, ternyata tidak keterima di kampus tersebut atau kamu mendapat kampus yang lebih baik. Untuk dua case tersebut, setelah lolos beasiswa kamu bisa mengajukan perpindahan universitas sesuai prosedur yang diinformasikan LPDP.

Saat mendaftar beasiswa, saya mengajukan LoA di University of Manchester, kemudian pindah ke University of Edinburgh. Apabila ranking kampus baru lebih tinggi dari kampus lama, maka proses perpindahan universitasnya terbilang cepat dan mudah.

  • Apa benar kesempatan wawancara LPDP cuma dua kali?

Ada syarat LPDP yang cuma memperbolehkan seorang calon penerima beasiswa untuk mengikuti sesi wawancara selama dua kali saja. Jadi apabila sudah tidak lolos dua kali seleksi wawancara, maka orang tersebut tidak bisa mengikuti proses seleksi LPDP lagi.

Setau saya, syarat tersebut bersifat mutlak. Ada beberapa teman yang gagal wawancara dua kali dan sudah tidak bisa mendaftar lagi (walau dengan account baru, karena sepertinya LPDP menggunakan filter no KTP)

  • PK itu apa? Seru gak?

PK itu Persiapan Keberangkatan, yang seru banget tapi cukup sekali 🙂 Video PK saya bisa dilihat disini untuk referensi : here

  • Apa saja biaya yang ditanggung oleh LPDP?

Tuition fee (full cover, jadi walau kampus kamu mahal banget, untungnya ga masalah), uni-registration fee, Living allowance (based on city), Book Allowance, Settlement Allowance, Visa (at cost), Insurance, Family allowance (setelah bulan ke6) Detailnya bisa dilihat di web LPDP.

Menurut teman-teman LPDP yang lain, Living allowance LPDP cukup dan tepat waktu kok, jadi jangan khawatir 🙂

So far, pertanyaan di atas paling sering ditanyakan ke saya. Kalau kamu punya pertanyaan lain, feel free to ask me.